Today I got to play with an iPad mini and a Windows 8 machine while I was working at a local technology conference.  My impressions?  The iPad mini an iPad...only smaller.  Windows 8? Eh.

And "eh" is how I pretty much feel about all the election coverage dominating the media this weekend.  The two hours I spent in the car today were filled almost entirely with a kaleidoscope-like re-editing of the same three campaign stops made by the two candidates: the same quotes, the same descriptions, the same commentary.

I used to enjoy the political debate, the analysis of agendas, the thoughtful criticism of the action, or inaction, of our elected officials.   But now?  Now I'd rather sit on my comfy couch with the WM, watching The Avengers and Prometheus.  I would be perfectly happy if the whole election cycle could be carried out in two weeks, as opposed to two years.

Except of course, then I wouldn't get nearly as many laughs from John Stewart.  That man can make some of the most disturbing moments of this campaign season roll-on-the-floor funny just by raising his eyebrows. 

And then, of course, there is this recent find that the WM shared with me, knowing that Joss Whedon is one of my heroes:

Enjoy the closing of the election year, folks.  May the best (or least worst) candidates win!