My yard is in dire need of a little attention. Not that this is in any way a new state for my yard to find itself in; but usually when I start to notice the unkempt appearance of my lawn, I drag out my bright green Lawn Boy and give it a trim.

But my lawn mower is in the garage.
And my garage door won't open.

According to the Internet, broken automatic garage doors are a pretty common occurrence. Although, according to the same Internet, garages like mine are pretty uncommon, and, therefore not fixed by the ubiquitous emergency release lever on pretty much every model garage door opener.

I'm fairly certain that detached garages were typical in the 1950s when my house was built. The majority of the houses in my neighborhood have the same little detached huts at the end of their driveways. I'm guessing, back in the day, most of them had a simple swing-up door that you could easily flip open with one hand. But folks have modernized over the years, and about the time the neighborhood started adding vinyl siding and double-paned windows, most of the garages in my neighborhood had an automatic opener installed with a newer roll up door popular in the 80s.

Which would be fine...if my automatic door opener was working. Which it's not.
Which wouldn't be a big deal...if my garage had an entrance other than the roll up door. Which it doesn't.
Which wouldn't be a problem, if I had an emergency release lock in the garage door. Which I do.
Which would mean problem solved...if I had the key for it. Which I don't.

Needless to say, my unruly grass gets at least one more night to run riot, and my Saturday morning will be spent finding a key shop or locksmith who can make a key from the lock number and then praying to all that is holy that the emergency release cable that is supposed to be attached to said lock actually is. Attached, that is. Because otherwise?

Let's just say the Winged Monkey probably won't mind if I have to buy another chainsaw (since the one we already have is stored the garage.)