is that when you call in sick? That doesn't stop the calls from coming in. Or the texts. Or the emails. So, while you have job security, you have zero down time. Which is exhausting. Which wears you down. Which makes you need to take a sick day to spend in a Benadryl coma. Which you are roused from by the phone calls and the texts and the emails that make you indispensable.

It's a vicious cycle that the WM tells me I could put an end to if I just turned off my phone, but then I wouldn't be able to get the texts he sends me. And I like those. They make me smile. And sometimes laugh. And always happy.

Unlike the ones from work that just make me tired. Which is why I will be crawling under my flannel covers at an hour when only 8-year-olds go to bed.

Which makes me wonder: where do people get the energy to start petitions to secede from the union? Because apparently 20,000 people in my state are not indispensable. They have waaay too much time on their hands and waaay too oversized egos. They would really rather be led by Rick Perry? He doesn't even really run the state as it is (if any of them actually knew how Texas government works, they would know this). And, unlike pretty much every other state in the union, we've already been our own country...and we asked to join the U.S.

So, not only did I feel physically crappy all day, I had to also be embarrassed by my neighbor Texans who want throw a tantrum because the Republican they didn't even like in the beginning didn't win. What kind of example is that for the rest of the world?