I finished Cinder tonight.  Impressive.

I've read several recent re-imaginings of traditional fairy tales in the past few years, but this one was one of the more original.  Always a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, the cyborg spin on "The Little Cinder Girl" was kind of fun, even if it did end in an obvious cliff hanger.

What was more interesting though was the setting in which I read the last quarter of the book.  While I was immersed in the Eastern Commonwealth, the WM was on the other end of the couch, visiting the friendly town of Charmed in Sons of Anarchy.  My characters are tripping over their bionic limbs, and his are shooting up heroin between their fingers.  My book has royal balls; his show has biker club round tables.

Really, the two stories progressing side-by-side could not have been more different, and at the same time, they were crazily similar.  A young man who has lost his father ascends to a position of power.  Spies infiltrating the inner circle.  A long journey.  Strong females who defy societies norms. Wars.  Crazy step-parents.


Joseph Campbell would have had a field day in our living room tonight.