Things overheard the past month while listening to the WM play Skyrim on the Xbox I got him for Christmas:
WM: Where's my Ice Spear?

WM: Look at my new horse Shadowmere! He's the fastest of all the horses!

WM: Get out of the way, Lydia! (This one at least once a game.)

WM: Fine, don't die. I need to try out my destruction spells anyway.

Lydia: O.k., got it. (Heard every ten minutes or so.)

WM: He's gonna kill my horse! Shadowmere, fight back!

WM: That armor makes Lydia look busty.

WM: Where are my maces?

WM: Where'd Lydia go? ( Uttered at least twice a night.)

WM: Yeah, you're in the f#*%in' drink, Bitch.

WM: Come on Shadowmere. Guards are mean nasty people, aren't they?

Lydia: I am swoooorrrrrn to carry your burden. (Then he grins at me.)

Yeah. He's a grown up.