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For the past 3 years, my sister and I have participated in Race for the Cure. We have been fortunate in the fact that breast cancer has yet to make an appearance in our immediate family, but that does not mean it has not affected our circle of friends. The same is true for many folks, I think. With over a quarter of a million new cases expected to be diagnosed this year, according to the American Cancer Society, most of us know someone who has been touched by the disease. But even if you had never known anyone who has faced a battle with breast cancer, I think it would be impossible not to be affected by The Race.

There is a particular energy at these events: tens of thousands of people, all shapes, sizes, and colors flow through the streets like a river of humanity. Some wear custom t-shirts honoring those they've lost, others wear pink camo symbolizing the fight in the midst of which they currently find themselves. Every year a local crew of firefighters runs in full gear, complete with pink fire helmets. Every year hundreds of pink tutus and pink feather boas trot alongside them.

One year, a young man proposed to his girlfriend who had just been found to be cancer free after almost two years of treatment. Another year, a woman collapsed five feet away from us...before The Race could even begin. Together, those moments represent what The Race is supposed to be about: the struggle and the victory.

But never, at any moment, at any of The Races, have I ever heard a political conversation.

The Race is not a place for politics.

The Race is a place for hope.

This week, the Susan G. Komen Foundation lost sight of that fact went it's board decided to cut grants to Planned Parenthood that had, for the past 5 years, provided breast screenings for hundreds of thousands of women, most in underserved populations in underserved parts of the country. The moved shocked millions of the group's supporters, especially given founder Nancy Brinker's rather vehement support for PP just a few years ago (pointed out rather nicely here by Milowent).

Today, Brinker apologized for the move, and the foundation has invited Planned Parenthood to reapply for the grant money. While I am happy at what appears to be a return to rationality, I can't help but wonder what this politically driven stumble will ultimately cost the foundation and those individuals it is supposedly trying to help. How many potential donors will shy away from the group either in fear or protest of the political pressures to which they bent this week? How many potential survivors will now be lost?

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I'm not sure that I will donate to Komen again, but I am sure that if I don't I will give what I would have to other sources, whether it be the American Cancer Society or directly to Planned Parenthood, as many others upset by the Komen Foundation's actions this week have already done. Withing 48 hours, the $600,000 that PP received annually from Komen was more than made up for by donations made to PP directly. Maybe this outpouring of support was one of the factors that helped Brinker "refocus". At the very least, it demonstrated that in a society where politics is too often king, hope is still a very powerful queen.

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WWLD? (What Would Lydia Do?)

Things overheard the past month while listening to the WM play Skyrim on the Xbox I got him for Christmas:
WM: Where's my Ice Spear?

WM: Look at my new horse Shadowmere! He's the fastest of all the horses!

WM: Get out of the way, Lydia! (This one at least once a game.)

WM: Fine, don't die. I need to try out my destruction spells anyway.

Lydia: O.k., got it. (Heard every ten minutes or so.)

WM: He's gonna kill my horse! Shadowmere, fight back!

WM: That armor makes Lydia look busty.

WM: Where are my maces?

WM: Where'd Lydia go? ( Uttered at least twice a night.)

WM: Yeah, you're in the f#*%in' drink, Bitch.

WM: Come on Shadowmere. Guards are mean nasty people, aren't they?

Lydia: I am swoooorrrrrn to carry your burden. (Then he grins at me.)

Yeah. He's a grown up.

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I may have been away for a while...

...but I'm pretty sure that "jamaican anal parasite" is not a keyword phrase that should be in any way connected to my blog. According to Blogger's statistics, it's in the top 5 as far as keyword searches that could potentially lead people here.


The internet is a strange, strange place.

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Or it may just be a UFO, or a "meteor", if you believe "officials".

Apparently hundreds of people started calling the local news stations to report sighting a UFO tonight. At least that's what the very blond news anchor has repeated at least 10 times in the past 20 minutes. Forget that we've already determined that it was a meteor...which hit pretty much nothing...and did pretty much no damage...and so really didn't make much news after all. It's still probably the only time Blondie is going to get to use the UFO teaser line, so she is milking it for all it's worth.

This is why I don't normally watch the news. Besides the fact that we are in an election year, and I'm not really keen on any of the candidates that will inevitably take up half the newscast, I also happen to live in Texas, which means the rest of the newscast will consist of high school sports highlights, Dallas Cowboy stories, and the weather. (Have I ever mentioned how obsessed we Texans are with weather? It's a sickness really. Entire evenings devoted to monitoring thunderstorms on Doppler radars and people sending in pictures of clouds and hail pellets.)

Now, if the meteor had headed straight for Cowboys Stadium and taken out Jerry Jones' absurdly overpriced jumbo tron? That would have been newsworthy. That would have been an act of God worthy of Blondie's fine journalistic talent.

As it is, the meteor story was beyond anticlimactic. Especially since the network didn't even have any footage of it's own to show, so they were asking viewers to send in more pictures, since the one they had to use tonight was this one:

Apparently the orange traffic light is really a UFO...or a meteor...or the taillight of someone up on a hill.
Your guess is as good as mine.

WTF, channel 5? That's the best you guys can do?

And people moan about the loss of our local news outlets?

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...but some Mormon chic in L.A. stole my blog name. Really?? That's just rude. Especially since I had been blogging for a good 3 months before she even started hers. And my blog title is also the address of my blog, which I'm sure is more than a little confusing for her friends.

I get that I can't copyright titles and all, but geez, people. I thought blogs were all about being creative & such. I thought bloggers would have a little more courtesy than that. I guess I was wrong. Kind of disappointing.

Think I may have to ask her about it...like where she came up with it. Since I know the story behind mine, and it's not: "I saw another blog with the title and I stole it."

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