My summer vacation officially began on Friday the 27th, but I somehow managed to find myself back on campus every day last week...until yesterday. Yesterday, I finally had my inaugural summer vacation nap: After mowing the front and back yards, and taking the requisite post-yard work shower, I promptly sat my ass on the couch and too a 3 hour siesta.

It was glorious. And the best part? No calls from work to wake me up. Huzzah!

Now begins the gear up to start in on the summer to-do list:


Must be done before 10:00 a.m. because I live in Texas and it is already pushing 100 degrees around here. And can I just say that yardwork is one of the aspects of homeownership that should really receive more attention before one buys a home. Perhaps there should be a tryout period during which you are responsible for someone else's yard before you are allowed to have your own. Because you really have no idea how much work it is going to be until you up the your armpits in leaf raking and flower bed weeding and hedge trimming. And don't get me started on the sprinkler system. Just when you think you've got it all fixed and all programmed, you discover you have a leak somewhere under your front yard. That's gonna be a mess.


I live with a Winged Monkey. Neither of us is what you might call a neat freak, but the two of us combined equals endless dirty dishes. And laundry. And floors. And bathrooms. Needless to say, I've begun the Great Summer Cleanup of 2011, so you can now sit on all the furniture in the living room, and you can see the top of the coffee table and the bottom of the kitchen sink (well, one side, anyway). I've set Monday as the start date of the Junk Room Clean Out Phase, which I hope to have completed by Friday. Cross your fingers, people. It's a jungle in there.

Work work.

Next week I also get to start the migration to the school's new myself. Lots of copying and pasting and page management and template building and crap. Guaranteed to make me grumpy.


T minus 2 weeks and counting to Road Trip 2011. WM and I are headed to Colorado for 2 weeks. This will be the first trip the two of us have taken together that didn't involve family holidays or funerals. This will also be the longest trip we've taken together. Looking forward to cooler temps, mountain views, and plenty of snuggle time. My favorite part: the whole second week is unscripted, meaning we have no idea where we are going. I love the fact that he can be fly-by-the-set-of-your-winged-monkey-pants kinda traveler. :-)

Not exactly 3 months of lying on a beach being fed grapes by Gerard Butler and fanned by Brad Pitt, but it'll do. That is, until I win that lottery...