The last few weeks, it's been difficult for Daisy to get very excited about much of anything. I attribute this to two factors:

1) Malaria.

For nearly three weeks now I've been fighting what I have now dubbed Allergic Bronchial Malaria. Rather than being transmitted by the traditional mosquito bite, this pestilence is a result of Spring doing it's springy thing. Predominate symptoms include an alternating stuffy head and faucet-like nose, and an annoying hacking seal-like barking cough that peaks at 2:00 a.m. or while the patient is trying to carry on professional phone conversations.
Three weeks, one trip to the doctor, one follow-up phone call, two rounds of antibiotics, half a gallon of prescription cough syrup, and a truck load of Claritin D later...I finally feel like I may not cough my lung out of socket. Yes, I know your lungs aren't actually in sockets, but I think the image conveys the peril of the recent coughing fits. And, while my lungs may have stayed in place, the muscles in my back and neck did not. All of the coughing has done a number on me that only several sessions with a licensed massage therapist will correct. (Feel free to email credit card information to the link in the sidebar if you'd like to donate to that cause.)

Cough Syrup: The fifth major food group for those suffering from
Allergic Bronchial Malaria.

2) Buying a house is a bitch.

You read it right. I have never had to deal with so many people who just don't have their shit together in my life. And you would think with so much money involved, people would be dotting i's and crossing t's. But no. Instead, I am trying to buy a house from folks represented by Gomer Pyle.

If you are shopping for a house in Texas, avoid this realtor.

You know it's bad when your realtor offers to pay the final inspection as a thank you for your patience. Granted, it's pennies when compared to my final bill (spread out in equal payments over a 30 year period), but still, when your realtor keeps having to apologize for their realtor, and when she actually says to you "This is going to be a chapter in my book if this deal actually goes through," you know it's not just you who is frustrated. With so many stops and starts to the whole process, it's been difficult to get really excited.

But yesterday? Yesterday many things happened.

I was up at 6:15 to start cleaning my entire place because Crazy Landlady was showing it to 2 different potential renters. 5 hours of packing boxes, washing dishes, doing laundry, scrubbing tubs, vacuuming carpets, straightening up closets and mopping floors. My place wasn't all that messy, but I needed it to be immaculate so the potentials might be willing to overlook Crazy Landlady's, well, craziness, and might want to move in before my official lease is up so I can save on a month of double housing costs.

And after my lunch with the Winged Monkey? (Where I downed 5 Black-Eyed Pea rolls, partly because they are yummy and partly because I was stressed and running was out of the question because of the coughing a lung out of socket bit I mentioned above.)

Rolls (a.k.a basket of Prozac)

After lunch the title company sent me the survey for the property. The roofers were scheduled to begin work on the roof (the last requested repair) on Monday morning. I signed the papers for my home owner's insurance. And the bank emailed to tell me that my mortgage application made it through underwriting and that I am "clear to close" in 12 days.

12 days to home ownership. That's enough to make even the droopiest of daisies stand up and take notice. And panic...

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