So, this whole house buying thing? Not fun. As in really giving me a migraine and an ulcer not fun. I mean, first you look at house after house and , trust me, many of them are completely unlivable. Crown molding does not improve air quality ruined by the mold infestation, people. And Stainless steel appliances do not hide the fact that your house is next door to Sanford and Son wannabes...complete with rusted out cars on blocks and patio furniture minus its necessary legs.

Then, you find one that you like and the real fun begins.

Make an offer. Offer countered. Counter back. Offer accepted. Hire inspector. Learn house needs new...everything.

O.k., maybe not everything. The foundation is good, but the roof is shot. The windows are good, but the furnace is a health hazard. The walls and floors are great, but the duct work is...non-existent? As in, someone crushed the duct work under the house at some point, and instead of fixing it they just disassembled it all. Um...yeah, not gonna work for me. And the electrical. Well, that's just an impromptu fourth of July fireworks show waiting to happen.

And now I feel guilty because I was the one to bring all these problems to this poor family's attention. And I'm the one asking them to pay to have it all fixed.

And I'm afraid they are going to say no and I'm going to have to start all over.

And I'm not sure which would be worse: spending another 2 months looking for a house in my price range or spending another year or two as a tenant of Crazy Landlady. Hmmmm. That's gonna be a close one.