I dream of HVAC contractors

A bi-product of my recent quest for mortgage ownership has been a disturbing change in programming on my nightly dream channel. Whereas I used to take vacations or run over annoying co-workers and ex-boyfriends with my car, most nights now have me remodeling bathrooms and kitchens and negotiating with air conditioning repairmen. It's like a bad reality TV show that didn't make the HGTV cut every night in my little noggin'.

Last night was the air conditioner..again. This time it was prompted by my late afternoon chat with Larry, one of the technicians scheduled to do the furnace and duct work repairs on my intended house. I had to speak with Larry to find out exactly what his repairs would entail to make sure everything on the HVAC list of requested repairs is covered. Of course, it wasn't. So, in real life, I sent my realtor an email requesting she inform the Seller's agent of the items that were neglected. In my dream? I met the current owner at the house with the repairmen and argued in the driveway for 15 minutes before throwing a termination letter in her face and driving away. And then waking up in a coughing fit.

Anyone else sense my underlying frustrations with this whole process?

Don't get me wrong: it's a great house in a great neighborhood with loads of potential and just a few issues. A few rather large and somewhat expensive issues. Like the fact it needs a whole new roof. And a new furnace. And that half the ductwork is, well, non-existent and, therefore, must be replaced.

And now? Now I find out that the air conditioner has no coolant, so it may have a leak, or it may be completely shot, and we had no way of knowing since it was too cold to test it when we started this whole process last month, but now that we do I have to tell the seller that it has to be working, and that she has to pay for the repairs.

And she is supposed to sign the contract and its repair amendment today. Hopefully. Otherwise, we are back to the option extension game, which we have already played. 3 times. And that was before we terminated on Monday and refiled the whole contract again on Tuesday.

Can you say frustration?

And what really gets me riled up is the fact that:
A) I'm offering their asking price. (Who does that?)
B) Their insurance is paying for the bulk of the repairs, so even though it looks like a lot of money on paper, they aren't really paying for much of any of it.
C) Who in their right mind wouldn't have thought to themselves: "Hey, my furnace is 24 years old and rusted solid. I bet that might need to be replaced before someone will buy the place?"

So, I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be flexible. And I am trying not to get too emotionally attached to this place...just in case the people really flake out once and for all.

But I chose this house. And anyone who has every been shopping with me knows I do not make purchasing decisions on a whim. (Ask Favorite Aunt about trying to take 8-year-old Daisy back to school jeans shopping.)

Cross your fingers people. Today is the last day the Seller has to sign the contract (this time). Daisy needs all the good house buying karma you can spare.

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You call this a vacation?

I'm not sure that having to go to work to meet projection installers is really how I intended to spend the first day of my Spring Break.  Nor do I think I was looking forward to coughing my head off because the Winged Monkey was thoughtful enough to give me his malaria (or sinus infection) he's been sick with the past 4 days.  And I'm pretty certain my vacation plans did not include dealing with an incompetent real estate agent (not my own, thank God) until 8 o'clock at night, only to be disappointed with the outcome.

All in all, I'd say day one of my vacation pretty much sucked all the way around.

And to add insult to injury, I wrote a great post in my sleep last night, when my brain decided it needed a break from bathroom and kitchen remodeling dreams, and I woke up (in a coughing fit) unable to remember the good parts.  I'm hoping this is just bad-day-hangover and will dissipate with some breakfast and a few glasses of ice water.  Because today?

Today I offer a bid on the house on which I just terminated a contract.  More precisely, I offer the exact same bid that I had offered a month ago, and I hope that the seller is gracious enough to accept the same bid they accepted a month ago.  And maybe this time, their agent will get all of their ducks in a row and have everyone he needs available to sign the necessary paperwork so we can get this deal done.  Because I want to buy their house, and I'm pretty sure they want to sell me their house, and I need a little happy in this vacation to make up for the false start.

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Let's take a look under her hood...

So, this whole house buying thing? Not fun. As in really giving me a migraine and an ulcer not fun. I mean, first you look at house after house and , trust me, many of them are completely unlivable. Crown molding does not improve air quality ruined by the mold infestation, people. And Stainless steel appliances do not hide the fact that your house is next door to Sanford and Son wannabes...complete with rusted out cars on blocks and patio furniture minus its necessary legs.

Then, you find one that you like and the real fun begins.

Make an offer. Offer countered. Counter back. Offer accepted. Hire inspector. Learn house needs new...everything.

O.k., maybe not everything. The foundation is good, but the roof is shot. The windows are good, but the furnace is a health hazard. The walls and floors are great, but the duct work is...non-existent? As in, someone crushed the duct work under the house at some point, and instead of fixing it they just disassembled it all. Um...yeah, not gonna work for me. And the electrical. Well, that's just an impromptu fourth of July fireworks show waiting to happen.

And now I feel guilty because I was the one to bring all these problems to this poor family's attention. And I'm the one asking them to pay to have it all fixed.

And I'm afraid they are going to say no and I'm going to have to start all over.

And I'm not sure which would be worse: spending another 2 months looking for a house in my price range or spending another year or two as a tenant of Crazy Landlady. Hmmmm. That's gonna be a close one.

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