Early this morning, the Winged Monkey and I are munching on some leftovers after an evening out with his friend D. WM is polishing off my Mi Cocina doggy bag and I'm making another small dent in a rather large pizza I ordered Friday night.

WM leans over and gives me a little kiss, even though I've got a mouthful of extra-cheesy-pie.
WM: (Hugging me) I love you more than pizza.
Daisy: (Giggling) I hope you don't expect me to say the same thing...because you know how much I love pizza. Me saying that would be like you saying you loved me more than beer.
WM: (Pause)I do love you more than beer. (Looks at me and grins.) At least one of us is ready for that kind of commitment. (Turns back to his plate.)