I'm a HO! (Almost.)

The past three weeks, the Daisy has been looking to put down some roots. My friend LG mentioned the extension of the First Time Home Buyers tax credit, and after running some numbers--and after listening to my upstairs neighbors screaming at each other while simultaneously clumping across the floor at 3 a.m. one night--I decided that this was the time. So, I'm buying a house.

Shirt from CafePress.com, in case anyone needs housewarming gift ideas.

Fortunately for me, I happen to have several family members in the banking industry, so Brother-in-Law was able to put me in contact with the Fabulous Mortgage Guy, who was then able to put me in contact with the Real Estate Goddess who has, in the past two and a half weeks, worked around my trip to Austin for a conference, Winged Monkey's training schedule, and my persnickety taste, to show me every house in my price range in the areas I'm interested in. We are talking marathon showings on Sundays, and a gazillion emailed data sheets.

And I found one.

It's sturdy and strong ad cozy and warm...and "vanilla". That's the word Real Estate Goddess used and she hit the nail on the head. Apparently the sellers took the advice of every episode of Sell This House, and they made everything as neutral as possible. So, in my dreams the past week, I've been ripping out carpets, refinishing floors, painting walls, and arranging furniture in my soon-to-be home. HGTV ain't got nothing on my little imagination!

The problem? I haven't even been through the inspection process yet. That's this week, and you better believe, that I expect everyone I know to be crossing their fingers that I'm not told that the entire house is riddled with termites, or that the foundation is made up of weathered toothpicks, or that the electrical system is just waiting for the chance to burn my little house to the ground.

The good news? This whole process should provide lots of fodder for my recently neglected little blog, so cross you fingers all goes well this week because the Daisy would like nothing more to be able to officially consider herself a HO. Home Owner, that is, not the skanky kind. ;)

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Terms of Endearment

Early this morning, the Winged Monkey and I are munching on some leftovers after an evening out with his friend D. WM is polishing off my Mi Cocina doggy bag and I'm making another small dent in a rather large pizza I ordered Friday night.

WM leans over and gives me a little kiss, even though I've got a mouthful of extra-cheesy-pie.
WM: (Hugging me) I love you more than pizza.
Daisy: (Giggling) I hope you don't expect me to say the same thing...because you know how much I love pizza. Me saying that would be like you saying you loved me more than beer.
WM: (Pause)I do love you more than beer. (Looks at me and grins.) At least one of us is ready for that kind of commitment. (Turns back to his plate.)

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