The first day back after a vacation is always a pain in the ass and today was no exception. Morning came too soon, the alarm was louder than I remember, and a leisurely breakfast? Well, that was a distant memory. Cold leftover gingerbread cake eaten while walking down the block to work was a far cry from my pancakes and eggs from Sunday brunch.

Of course, nothing wanted to work correctly in my building, so most of my day was spent fielding phone calls from people who couldn't get logged in to one program or another. There were also the requisite "emergencies", which turned out to be tripped power switches on surge strips. And let's not forget the token call vendors during which I explain that when we paid for installation, we actually expected all the wires to be run to connect the equipment to the actual computer.

But the frosting on my cupcake of a day? Well, let's see. If I had to pick one moment? Oh yeah. I've got it. The crowning glory of my Monday:

I dropped my cell phone in a toilet.
Dramatic representation of dangerous, phone grabbing toilet.
(Found through Google imaages, located on a number of blogs,
so I'm not sure who to credit.)
That's right. I dropped my cell phone in a toilet. Not my personal home toilet, mind you, which I happened to clean this past wekend. No, of course not. That would have been bad enough, but I had to do one better. I had to drop my phone in a public toilet.

And then I had to get it out.

Now, I am not freaked out by germs, but seriously? Who wouldn't be grossed out by the idea that this thing you put on your face was once on the bottom of someone else's bowl?

Of course, it was completely drenched, so I figured a little disinfectant spray wasn't going to kill it (or me for that matter, as I sprayed my hands...then washed hot water...with LOTS of soap). And I'm sure the Clorox wipes didn't damage it any further either when I used them on it before setting it in front of my mini space heater in my office to help it dry out.

And now? Now my phone is buried in a bowl of rice for the next day or so to see if that will suck out the rest of the water (and hopefully the germs with it).

And have you people seen how expensive cell phones are? At least, when you aren't scheduled for an upgrade, so you aren't entitled to any of the rebates, or when you really don't want to sign a new 2-year agreement? They are freakin' expensive! We are talking hundreds of dollars. And I'm not even looking at an iPhone because I can't afford the monthly plan rates with AT&T, so that's out of the question anyway; those are actually cheap compared to some of the Blackberries and Droid phones out there.

We are all crossing our fingers that my phone dries out and does not contract any type of communicable contamination that it might give to me...if I am able to use it again.

Mondays suck.