One. One Christmas celebration! Two. Two Christmas celebrations! Three. Three Christmas celebrations! Four. Four Christmas celebrations!

Grand total? I believe I can safely claim SIX official Christmas gatherings at which gifts were exchanged.

Three of these events were required family gatherings, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Winged Monkey handled not one, but two of my family gatherings. Back to back, no less.

Between assembling a Cozy Coupe for Youngest Niece...

(One should be wary of toys whose assembly instructions suggest protective eyewear.)

and fixing a clogged coffee maker for my mom...
(Winged Monkey had to fix The Parents' new coffee maker...3 times.
Not a recommended model.)

I believe the Winged Monkey earned his Monkey Mug...

(WM loves his Evolution of the Flying Monkey mug from

as well as my affection.

My favorite gift? Hands down, it would have to be my new Snoopy Snow Cone Machine that Oldest & Dearest Friend gave me yesterday at our belated Christmas lunch. Took us both back to the days of freezing Kool-Aid ice cubes to make icy treats while we sunbathed on her trampoline.

Those were the days.

And so, I start the new year with a blast from my past:

May all of our new years be as joy filled as those 30 seconds. ;)

Happy 2010!