I made the mistake of returning a call from my sister today:

Big Sis: Mom almost killed dad today.
Daisy: What? Again? What did she do this time?
Big Sis: Dad backed the golf cart off the sidewalk and into the culvert in front of my house tonight.
Daisy: Is he o.k.?
Big Sis: Well, he got out and had mom give it gas while he pushed it from behind.
Daisy: What? Did he hurt himself?
Big Sis: Brother-in-law had to go outside and help him, and when they finally got some traction, the thing took off...dragging dad behind it...across my front yard...straight toward my dining room door...
Brother-in-law (yelling from the background): ...and almost into a tree...
Big Sis: ...and almost into a tree.
Daisy: (laughing) Is dad o.k.?
Big Sis: We were yelling at mom to take her foot off the gas, and dad was just lying there in my front yard.
Daisy: And?
Big Sis: And they went home.
Daisy: Is dad o.k.?
Big Sis: I guess. They went home.

Call to Parents' house:

Daisy: Mom, did you try to kill dad tonight?
Mom: He backed off the sidewalk. What are you up to?
Daisy: Just watchin' TV. But I heard you dragged Dad across the yard and almost drove into Big Sis' house.
Mom: My tennis shoe got stuck on the gas pedal.
Daisy: (laughing) Can I talk to dad?
Dad: Hello?
Daisy: Dad, are you o.k.? I heard mom tried to kill you again tonight.
Dad: That's true. She dragged me miles across your sister's yard and almost drove us into the dining room.
Daisy: (laughing) Are you o.k.?
Dad: Well, I survived, but I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow.

Does anyone else have these conversations, or is it just me?