Last year I boldly declared 2009 a Drama Free year. And shortly thereafter I sent a text message that pretty much shot any chance of that to hell. Because that message started a relationship, or rather, changed a relationship, and most change in this world, especially the kind that is significant, involves at least a little bit of drama.

So DF '09 was doomed pretty much right out of the gate. So much so, in fact, that the catch phrase became a sort of ironic joke between myself and a couple of my friends.

But I like the idea.

After spending Christmas with my family, I was reminded once again of my genetic pre-disposition to drama. Watching my mother and grandmother handle the holidays was a bit unsettling for my sister and I. We started out laughing at how our mother is becoming more like her mother...and then the next logical conclusion hit us and we both kind of cringed. Don't get me wrong. We love our mom. We're just not in a hurry to become her. Since my mother's penchant for drama is one of her trademarks, this is one of the areas I think worthy of another attempt for self-improvement on my part.

With that in mind, and with this week's drama of unending technical problems at work still playing out around me, I will once again throw down the gauntlet to the powers that be: I will attempt to keep 2010 Drama Free!

I know the odds are slim, but a girl's gotta try. Because first it's the drama, and then it's the knit pant suits.

So come on, 2010. Let's see how long it takes you to turn a peaceful Daisy into raving lunatic.