Two more days and I am officially on vacation! Woohoo! Now the real question is: will I be able to finish my Christmas shopping in the next 2 days so that my vacation can be shopping-free? Answer: Not a chance in hell.

If my siblings would just stop reproducing, my Christmas list might be manageable, but as things stand, I've got a ways to go before Santa Daisy's sleigh is ready for deliveries. There are books to buy (because when you have an aunt who used to be an English teacher, you can pretty much bet she's gonna give you a book for every holiday), and gift cards to stuff them with (because when you are a teenager, books are very rarely on your Christmas list, but gift cards to places like Abercrombie and iTunes are pretty much a must), and gift bags to stuff with tissue paper (because when you are a one-year-old, the tissue paper is just as much fun as the gift it hides).

But, my favorite Christmas purchase so far?
That mischievous grin can only mean that this little guy
is none other than the Christmas ornament incarnation
of my beloved Winged Monkey.

That's right. It's a Winged Monkey Christmas ornament I found on, made by SWStitchery.

And I got the last one.

And it arrived today. All prettily wrapped.

And it's waiting to be opened by the Winged Monkey himself, who (unless he reads this before he comes over tonight) has no idea I bought it for our tree.

I know. I know. Sappy. But adorable nonetheless. No?