I had planned to wake up early and write a blog about Reveielle. More specifically, I was going to write about how Upstairs Dad has decided it's cute to wake up Upstairs Daughter every morning this week by playing Reveille on their new piano.

I don't find it cute. I find Reveille on the piano at 6:30 a.m. to be...how should I say this? Oh yeah. OBNOXIOUS. Especially when you can't even play it right. It's supposed to be fast. Peppy, even. It's supposed to get you moving. It is not supposed to sound like someone shot the horn out on a car.

Anyway, I shall spare you my Reveille rant because I couldn't hear the song this morning. It was drowned out, quite literally, by the sound of running water. In the kitchen. Where said water was running out of the ceiling and on to my floor. Again. :(

And Crazy Landlady? Well, she has abdicated all responsibility which means I had to talk to Squirrelly-Eyed Landlord Guy about the 5 gallons of water pouring out of the overhead light fixture and the dish cabinets.

This is the third time in 18 months that this has happened, and Landlord is just getting the gist of the issues with the plumbing here. He thinks we should hire someone to come out and take a good look at the pipes in the house. You think? I've had three kitchen floods and 3 calls to roto-router in the past 18 months.

In the meantime, I've mopped the kitchen twice, had a couple of drinks at dinner, and am sporting my favorite red fuzzy booties. Here's to hoping the booties stay dry!