1) Breakfast in the school cafeteria is one of my favorite parts of my job. For $1 I can get eggs and two slices of bacon. And this is good, old-fashioned, thick sliced, slightly chewy bacon. A couple of years ago, the head of food services tried to replace the eggs with an "egg-like product." It was supposed to be lower in fat and cholesterol. It was also much lower on the yummy scale. breakfast sales went down, and then? Then the principal, who is also a fan of the cafeteria breakfast, complained. Real eggs returned and there has been no discussion of "egg-like product" since.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the bacon is replaced by sausage patties that, while good, are no match for the greasy bacon. For this reason, my usual Tuesday/Thursday breakfasts are usually supplemented with a "morning glory" muffin: carrot/raisin/walnut + about 20 grams of fat.

Today was a muffin day.

2) After picking up breakfast, I usually head upstairs to my office where I inhale my food while reading the overnight emails and the usual morning "HELP!" messages, 90% of which are often the result of something being unplugged. Power cables, people. Check them.

3) The football team is currently making its way through playoffs...again. Part of their winning strategy apparently revolves around all the team members getting mohawks. For this reason, I really have quit noticing odd haircuts on the young men in the building. Until today. Today I found myself walking behind a young man who obviously was not a member of the football team, as he was foregoing the sporty mohawk for what has to be the best example of a mullet found outside Alabama since 1984. We're talking textbook. And the absolute best part? He had on a football jersey style shirt , but instead of a name across his back shoulders, it said "MULLET MILITIA."


4) This afternoon, I had to stay late for Child Abuse/Sexual Harassment compliance training. What did I learn?

*If I suspect a student is being abused, it is my responsibility to report it.

*If a co-worker is harassing me, it is my responsibility to tell him/her to stop.

*Most of my work friends and I are lucky we have found one another, and, apparently, we must be careful who we let hang out with us, as we violate most of the sexual harassment rules that were discussed today. Except the ogling. I don't really think I hang out with any oglers, and I'm pretty sure I've never ogled anyone myself.

Nope. We are ogle free.