Tonight was trivia night again, and our team managed to add two new members to the mix. Our standings, however, remained pretty much...abysmal.

While I knew Doc Severinsen and Doc Hollywood, no one at our table knew Dr. Tim Whatley from Seinfeld. We knew what color the 2 ball is in pool, but none of us had a clue how many stitches were on a regulation baseball.

Moral of the evening?

The bulk of my knowledge is so useless it's not even good for trivia night.


And I'm beginning to get a little testy about the fact that these tables of 19 and 20-year-old college kids are skunking us every week. They apparently know every useless fact out there.

I thought they were all supposed to be on drugs. Or at least so drunk they can barely stand up, much less identify which President was the first to attend a Major League baseball game in Canada.

Maybe there is hope for this world yet. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that these kids know that the average American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper a day will encourage them to recycle to save the toilet-paper-making trees.