Tonight, my regular Wednesday night crew won third place in our weekly trivia game at a local bar. We've been going to trivia night there fairly regularly for the past 5 or 6 months, but this was the first time we've ever placed. Sad, since we probably only won this week because we tripled our team size by bringing lots of extra friends (who, unfortunately, will probably never be able to come out with us again since they only made it this week because of the holiday).

Even with the reinforcements, the music round still kicked our ass. In fact, I think we did worse on that round tonight than we had done on any other week. And the saddest part? The entire round was 90's music. And all of us were teenagers in the 90s. We should know our 90s music.

In our defense, many of the songs they picked were one hit wonders, so while we were able to name the title, we had a hard time with the artist's name. And so, I leave you with question number 5, for your listening pleasure (and definitely not your viewing pleasure, since the shirt is completely early 90s hideous):

(And a special shout out to Austin City Limits. It doesn't get much better than that.)