Tomorrow, NaBloPoMo starts a month of kindness. But that's tomorrow.


Today, I once again turn my eyes upward in search of blog inspiration. And lo, the clouds part, and from above comes the sound of ...a flute?

The identity of the wind instrument in question is still up for debate. My first guess was a flute, but WM thinks it sounds too plasticky. His money is on the recorder.

Whatever it is, it is not pretty.

I heard the first screech when I sat down to dinner on the couch, and initially I thought one of the new dogs next door was howling.

Or dying.

10 solid minutes of piping, and, I swear, she never managed to hit a single note. And then? Then the duet started. Upstairs Parent on piano, Upstairs Daughter on the pipe, playing some unrecognizable tune. And amidst the (thankfully) short cacophony, WM leans over a whispers:
"Why does everyone think all Chinese kids are musical prodigies? Do you know why there are so many Chinese musical prodigies? Because there are 2 billion people in China. They are bound to have a few geniuses."
I almost spit out my bite of chicken sandwich.

WM is always good for caddy. :)