Being the bookish Daisy that I am, I get email alerts from most major book chains. Of note this week? Half Price Books mailed out coupons for their big sale this--50% off a single item on Sunday, etc., and they announced they were opening at 7:00am the day after Thanksgiving. I could handle that early in the bookstore much more easily than I can handle that early in a toy store (and don't think I haven't done the latter...more than once. I am a Wonderful Aunt, after all).

Even better, Barnes & Nobe sent out a notice that I can now order the latest from Jasper Fforde. Fforde is one of those writers that makes me love writing, makes me think writing a novel would be fun, and makes me feel completely inadequate as a quasi-intellectual.

I love him for all of these reasons.

If you haven't had the privilege of reading The Eyre Affair, and if you happen to be a lover of British classics, then you really don't know what you are missing. The whole premise is that people and fictional characters can move between the real world and the fictional world, and the British government has an entire division of literary detection to help investigate crimes resulting from the bending of the line between the two. The book is smart. funny, and, above all, original.--a rarity in most new fiction as far as I'm concerned.

The sequels are just as good, and now? Now Fforde has taken up a new idea...a colortocracy. His newest novel, Shades of Grey, looks to be the usual Fforde absurd satire that I so envy and that I, of course, can't resist pre-ordering.

So, yeah, I'm a successful product of marketing. But if it means 400 pages of witty fun? I don't mind so much being a statistic.