One of the most confusing parts of living in Texas is the lack of clear seasons. You have hot, wet, or cold, and any of them can come at any time, though the cold is usually reserved for December through February, and even then, it is broken up with hot.

It's not unusual for New Year's day to be in the 70s, and I can't remember the last time we had snow on Christmas.

That's why this weekend shouldn't have made me blink, but I was still a little surprised when it reached almost 80 degrees today. And I was somewhat amused when I was perusing my weekly Target ad online, looking at artificial Christmas trees and inflatable yard ornaments while my neighbors were playing with their dogs outside...wearing shorts. Surreal.

And now? Now it is raining. Has been off and on for a couple of hours, and according to the forecast, this marks the beginning of a cold front. Tomorrow? Tomorrow is supposed to be 20 degrees cooler.

Of course, due to the inclement weather, I have put off doing laundry. Because who wants to slog through the rain to the laundry room in the backyard? So I'm not sure what I'll be wearing to work tomorrow.

Yet another reason for one of my lifelong goals: To find a job which would allow me to wear my pajamas all day long. Because how can you be in a bad mood in your pajamas? And if it was cool enough? I could break out the flannel. And who isn't productive in blue polka dot flannel pajamas, I ask you? Who?