I have yet to join the ranks of iPhone users, not because I don't want one, but because I currently have an amazingly cheap cell phone plan that I share with Good Old Dad on one of the many networks not currently hosting iPhones. In fact, my cell bill is literally half what it would be were I to have an iPhone. And I currently have unlimited...everything.

Switching to AT&T's ridiculously priced iPhone data plans isn't really a viable options for a lowly teacher-type like myself who'd someday like to be able to afford a house of her own. Which is why I've been anxiously following the rumor mills about when Apple's exclusive agreement with AT&T might end. And that rumor mill keeps saying that day may be soon. Like possibly in the next 6-7 months soon.

So, I am waiting...patiently. But tonight? Tonight I learned that they have a Target app. It actually helps you shop by giving you the weekly ad, gift ideas, and even item location within your store.

WM was nice enough to download the free app. for me, but, since he avoids Target like the plague, it's not likely that I will soon be able to test out the item locator in the actual store. Not that I need it, since I pretty much have my Target memorized, and meandering around the store is part of the whole Target shopping experience anyway, but still...I'd like to have the option.

I would have thought that someone who started his company in a garage would understand being on a budget. Think back to those days, Mr. Jobs, as you look to the future of your famed device. Because I want that Target app, Mr. Jobs. I need that Target app. And right now? Your little deal with AT&T is the main thing standing in my way.