I just got home from seeing New Moon, and I have to say that, believe it or not, it was just as cheesy as the first one.

Edward still sparkles with too much body glitter, Jacob still can't act, the background music is still melodramatic, and the camera work still makes me dizzy.

Now, I am not anti-Twilight. I read all 4 books, and I enjoyed them, if not for the writing, at least for the story. But the general consensus this evening was that the books don't really lend themselves to film. At least, not a word-for-word adaptation. Because the words themselves were rather trite, and, unfortunately, so was the movie.

What was entertaining, however, was the 50-year-old man who sat in front of me. He had come to the movie with his wife, and his chuckle every time the teenage girls squealed at the shirtless werewolves-in-training was one of the best parts of the evening.

And you've got to appreciate any husband who would sit through a Twilight movie with his wife.

That is a devoted man.