If I ever find myself on the receiving end of a marriage proposal, it had better not be during the pre-joust knighting ceremonies at Medieval Times.

I don't want to sound snotty or elitist or superior, but Medieval Times? We are talking about a venue that forces you to eat with your hands while wearing an adjustable paper crown, for crying out loud. Not exactly the first scene that comes to mind when I picture someone professing his undying devotion to me.

And yet, tonight I witnessed this very thing. Which brings to mind two questions: 1) Did the girl accept? and 2) What was Daisy doing at Medieval Times?

I ended up at Medieval Times as part of their Educator Appreciation Night, where they invite teachers to come to the dinner show for free, and give you goodies (like a mouse pad and a behind-the-scenes DVD and a pen), and try to convince you to bring your students to one of their "educational shows".

Several members of our English department had receive invitations, and I was lucky enough to be invited as the guest of one of my former departmental colleagues, who I shall refer to as Gatbsy because a) he teaches American literature, and b) he is from Michigan, which is close enough to Minnesota for me, and c) he spends every summer on one of the Great Lakes and comes back to school blond and tan.

Gatsby and myself were joined by two other ladies from the department and the husband of one of them. Several other teachers were supposed to have joined the group but as is often the case with teacher's, they bailed on Friday night plans because the week just wore them out.

So, the five of us, sitting in the black and white knight's section, spent slurping soup out of our bowls and watching melodrama on horseback. Aside from the garlic bread, to which I am always partial, the best part of the evening was listening to one of my female companions screaming "Champions!" at the top of her lungs as she waved her hands excitedly in the air after our knight had defeated one of his less chess-board-ish-ly clad competitors. I bet she wouldn't object to being proposed to at Medieval Times.

As for the actual proposee, she did accept, and so is now officially a Medieval Bride-to-Be. I assume that she and her future hubby will follow in the footsteps of another happy couple announced that evening an will spend their 5th anniversary at The Castle, as the Medieval groupees like to call it. Of course, I'm sure the whole thing seemed romantic after downing one of the 40 oz. margaritas they were selling outside the dining hall.

Note to self: there is a reason they sell such large drinks at events like Medieval Times.