The NaBloPoMo topic for this month is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. By 8 a.m. 1900+ students and 200 faculty and staff members will all converge on the building, and right about that time, my phone will start to ring.

This past week has been all about preparing for the first day back, and as evidenced by my lack of posting, it pretty much took over my life. I worked late every day this week, answered emails up until 10:00 p.m. some nights, and I even spent 4 hours yesterday and 2 hours this afternoon up at work, trying to finish preparing computers and projection systems for the first day back.

Tomorrow I will be carried along on a wave of adrenaline and panic. I can pretty much guarantee that there will be multiple rooms where sound won't be working for some odd reason, and at least one teacher will somehow mysteriously rewire her document camera so that she can't see her computer displayed on her monitor. And then there will be the teacher who calls me in a panic, and the problem will turn out to be a power plug pulled out of its socket. Those calls are hard to finish without embarrassing someone: They always want to know what was wrong, and when I tell them, they inevitably turn bright red.

Tomorrow I will run myself ragged, I will probably get 10 minutes for lunch, and I will stumble home late for dinner and will fall asleep on the couch before the take-out arrives.

Tomorrow I will know what to expect the rest of the year. The tone will be set, the whiners will be identified, and the heroes will be revealed.

But it's not tomorrow yet. Today, I have a few more hours of "vacation" during which I plan to park my scrawny butt on my recently vacuumed couch, in my recently cleaned living room, to read my not-so-recently downloaded novel on my beloved Kindle, Kipling.

For the moment, the phone is quiet and life is good.