Got home late Friday night because of weather delays (read that as: sat on the end of a runway for 2 hours waiting to take off from Boston, only to have to sit on the end of a runway in Dallas for 40 minutes waiting for them to clear a gate for our plane once we got here, as if they didn't know we were coming) and was unbelievably happy to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow.

There is nothing like a moldy hotel room, no matter how historic, to make you appreciate your very own (albeit rented) home.

Saturday was mostly a couch/nap/I'm-going-to-use-my-late-arrival-as-an-excuse-to-hide-from-the-rest-of-the-world-because-I'm-just-too-lazy-to-deal-with-them-today-and-I'll-be-forced-to-deal-with-them-soon-enough-since-my-summer-is-almost-over day. The one item on the agenda? To post for NaBloPoMo, since it was the first of the month, so that I would be off to a good start on yet another attempt at 30 straight days of posting.

So, I stopped by their website, picked up a nifty badge and posted it in my sidebar. Then I promptly set my computer down to order dinner...and failed to pick it back up again last night. :(

I am going to blame it on Extreme Pizza, as they were extremely disappointing, as in they never showed all...forcing the WM and myself to order Papa John's and wait another 30 minutes on top of the previous 1 1/2 hours we had already waited. My blood sugar was so low, I actually fell asleep on the couch before the replacement pizzas finally got here.

So thanks, Extreme Pizza, for not only charging my credit card and then closing before you sent out my pie so that I now have to call you back today for a refund, but also for contributing to my missing my goal before I had even had a chance to start.

However, in the style of Benjamin Zander, who I had the pleasure of hearing speak this week, I have decided to "create a new framework" and move myself "beyond the f*$% it" (or btfi, if you will) and view my tardiness as a subconscious attempt to internalize the theme NaBloPoMo has selected for the month of August: Tomorrow.

Yesterday I subconsciously decided to start my NaBloPoMo tomorrow.

How's that for justified procrastination? I should be a politician.