This morning I am lying peacefully in bed, minding my own business, dreaming my little Daisy dreams when I am jolted awake by some woman yelling outside.

Now, I live in a nice neighborhood. Scratch that. I live in a very nice neighborhood. So, we don't have much screaming outside at 4:00 a.m., especially not since the folks who used to live next door to me got divorced and moved away. We also don't get many 4:00 a.m. visits from four police patrol cars like he ones that were camped out in front of my house for an hour and a half (one of which is still there). Makes a girl curious as to what exactly happened on her street at 4:00 a.m. Which explains why this morning I got to play the role of Gladys on Bewitched, peeking out the window for over an hour, watching the police officers as they shined their Maglites up and down the block finally converging on a suspicious car parked in front of my new neighbors' house. (Suspicious, of course, because 5 police officers were all shining flashlights into all the windows while they made notes.)

Now another car has arrived, and the driver (a man wearing an official looking monogrammed golf shirt) has joined the sole remaining officer in shining his much smaller flashlight into the windows of the aforementioned suspicious vehicle.

After all of the NCIS and Law & Order marathons I've been watching with Winged Monkey lately, I have this overwhelming urge to go outside and start "canvasing the neighborhood" for any "leads" on the "perp". Of course, I would probably be more effective if I actually knew what the hell had happened to prompt so much attention from the local five-o. The bad news is, I don't really know my neighbors all that well, so I'm probably going to have to wait until Monday when I can ask the officer assigned to our campus at work to find out the details for me.

In the meantime, I now understand why Gladys was always spying from her kitchen window. The whole nosy neighbor routine makes a girl hungry. Unfortunately, I ate all the leftovers in the fridge for dinner last night, so there's not much available in the way of breakfast. :(

I wonder if they would stop me for questioning if I left my house to make a run to Taco Cabana?