Late last night, I got this image from the Winged Monkey:

The email subject read simply: Sunset and 72 degrees (where I'm staying).

Now, almost a month ago, WM spent a week in the mountains...where I would give anything to live some day. That trip, he was kind enough not to send me pictures of the mountains, and even if he had, it would have been o.k. because I had just gotten back from some globe trotting of my own, including a couple of days in the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Today, though? Today is supposed to hit 103 degrees down here in Texas, and sitting next to any of our man-made lakes (There is only one natural lake in the whole state, in case you didn't know. We dig our own down here.) is really just a tease since 4th of July included a sea-doo ride in what felt like bath water.

Needless to say, I am a wee bit jealous of the W'Monkey and his current retreat up north.

And then the worst came this morning, when he replied to my response: "Is there a hammock? 'Cause if there is I can be there by morning. ;)" (We both have a soft spot for hammocks, but our hammock time at the lake 4th of July was cut short by the fact that mosquitoes apparently have a thing for hammocks as well, and they also have a thing for Daisy who is pretty sure she really did contract the dreaded malaria.) His answer: "I didn't want to be cruel, but yes there is a hammock!!!"

Notice the triple exclamation point rubbing in the fact that he is in paradise while I am sweltering in the 3rd circle of hell. (I do have air conditioning, so it's not completely unbearable.)

Notice, also, that there is no invitation for me to join him appended to his not-so-subtle nana-nana-boo-boo statement. I mean, he could have at least sent me a cute little "Can you be here by dinner time?" or something.

Granted, he is up there for a conference of sorts, and he is a guest in some folks' home, and it's probably not kosher to say "Hey, I invited my girlfriend up, and she'll be here for dinner," and I was only half serious when I said I could be there by morning, but he could have played along so I don't have to focus so much on the fact that I am completely envious of his current locale.

That's o.k. I have a trip to Boston in two weeks, and I'm pretty sure the furnace that is home will continue to heat up, so I can send some nice snapshots of the harbor ad the ocean to the WM while he sweats it out down here. All's fair, after all.