One of the many reasons that I love my Netflix account is the fact that my queue is so long that by the time a movie gets to sent to me, it has been so long since I added it to my list I can't remember why I chose it to begin with. Some people find this annoying, but I kind of like it. Makes the movies more of a surprise when I get them out of the mailbox.

A perfect example is today's laundry movie: Run, Lola, Run.

I've no idea what would possess me to order this little German flick, but it is strangely entertaining, what with it's techno-ish soundtrack, bad English dubbing, and Lola's flaming red hair bouncing around as she repeatedly runs across town replaying different versions of the same scenario (if that makes any sense at all).

And Lola has superpowers of sorts: That chic can run like the wind, and in military boots no less.

She runs so fast, they couldn't even get a clear shot for the poster.

And when she starts running down stairs, she turns all cartoony.

Stairs are Lola's red kryptonite, making her personality slightly more animated.

And she screams. I mean, time practically stops when she opens her mouth and unleashes this obnoxiously grating voice that breaks glass and apparently also has the power to influence roulette wheels.

Notice the casino patrons cowering at the power of her lungs.
(Vulgar speech bubble added by whomever I stole the pic from. Lola doesn't need obscenities. Her screech stands well enough on it's own.)

Oh, and she also can heal dying men in ambulances with the mere touch of her hand. (But I can't find a picture from that scene, so you'll just have to trust me on that one.)

Those Germans are a strange lot.