The showers waited to grace the city with their presence until after we were off of our bus tour, just in time to catch us as we walked to Notre Dame and then on to the Centre Pompidou. But what would a trip to Paris be if it didn't rain? And besides, the weather was a perfect excuse to go in and sneak a peak at the current Kandinsky exhibit.

I happen to like Kandinsky. I have a couple of prints in my house, like this one:It hangs in the hallway to my bedroom and it makes me happy. :)

The exhibition today was really well put together. The gallery was clean and airy, the works were nicely hung, and the whole thing was organized to show the progression of Kandinsky's work as he made his way through a life spanning two wars and a revolution.

According to the program, Kandinsky once said his creations were "great paintings that gradually take form in my heart." Unlike something created in a fit of artistic genius, his paintings developed slowly, and he had to nurture them and wait for their fruition to come in its own time.

This is a concept I have been struggling with in my own life for a while now: how to be patient and let events unfold in their own way rather than always trying to take control of the situation, trying to force a pace faster than what is healthy, or what is even possible. Letting go of your control, rather real or imaginary, is nothing less than petrifying. What if something goes wrong, or, maybe even worse,what if nothing at all happens because I didn't make it?