This is one of the many phrases that has graced my hearing in the past two days as I have spent more time with the 38 student-types on the trip. I have to admit I almost spit out my Sprite at that one though. Some of the kids are pretty witty. The picture just doesn't do the colorful bills justice. They are pretty flamboyant.

Some, however, are still 18-year-old boys. And while my theory on men is that they are all really only 17 inside, it has been a while since I have spent a significant time outside of the classroom with those who are not trying to hide this fact in the least. I have learned more naughty sayings, and various genitalia slang in the past 48 hours than I had in the last year. And all of it in the most charming setting on could imagine: Zurmatt, Switzerland.

Zurmatt is a ski resort nestled at the base of one side of the Matterhorn. It was apparently the site of some Olympic ski events several years back, snd since then it has grown steadily so that when it is full of tourists it has 35,000.

Cars can't make it up the mountain most of the year, and there are really no places to park on the narrow streets, so the town is reached by a train from another town further down the mountain. The only vehicles you see are bikes, cute little golf cart type trucks, and horse drawn carriages.

I think I was supposed to be born in the mountains. Feel completely at home surrounded by the trees, and the cliffs, and the snow.

Makes me dread going home to the Texas heat.