1) Posting when you are really tired results in all kinds of fun and annoying typos that you have to fix the next morning, and which you hope no one had read yet.

2) Even people involved in charity work have to sometimes make light of the seriousness of their profession. Mime 2 works for a well-known, well-respected non-profit organization that does amazing amounts of good in this messed up world. At dinner last night she was talking about a co-worker who is in charge of helping lifetime prostitutes better themselves. Said co-worker apparently summarizes her job by saying "I help the hos." (Or would it be hoes? Either way, I almost spit out my chips & salsa laughing.)

3) Facebook can suck your life away if you spend too much time on there friending people from high school who you really don't remember. It is probably to her benefit then that Mime 2 originally (and I am paraphrasing a bit here) didn't understand exactly what Facebook was or how it worked, and her first friend was a colleague who happened to be gay and worked at a country/western club on the weekends, so his wall was filled with posts about gay cowboys, so she originally thought Facebook was where you went to meet gay cowboys, "Like you sign up and here's your gay cowboy."

4) Mime 2 should blog more because she is hilarious.

5) Christmas gifts given/received 5 months late are just as cool, if not better, than those given on time. I think it's something to do with the unexpectedness of them. And who doesn't like Christmas wrapping?

6) Males may be physically bigger and stronger, but their egos are much more fragile than females'. Some males are actually aware of this fact, but that does not make them any less susceptible to ego-bruising. Handle them with care ladies. I don't care how good they kiss or how much money they make or how many pounds they can bench press, they are all 17 years old (if that) inside, and they get scared and hurt just as often as the girls do...they just think they aren't supposed to. ;)

7) Cookies at midnight are ALWAYS a good idea.

Happy Friday, people!