May 13th happens to be the birthday of both my mother and one of my best friends, so it is usually a day filled with frosting-covered festivities.

I tried to kick off yesterday's events by calling the birthday girls and singing a rousing, off-key rendition of Happy Birthday on my way to a meeting at work. Living a mere 50 yards from the building in which I usually spend my work day, I'm kind of out of the habit of having to drive anywhere that early in the morning, but yesterday's meeting was on another campus, so at 7:30 I was in my car, headed down the road, singing with great gusto...when the policeman flashed his lights and pulled me over.

That's when I realized that I was on my phone in a school zone, which was made a huge no-no last year. A $75 no-no.

To make matters worse, though, my car was out of inspection, a fact that the nice officer informed me of as I looked for my proof of insurance...which he promptly told me was also out of date.

What else could I do but laugh and bang my forehead on the steering wheel? It wasn't even 8am for crying out loud!

Now, I am really not that irresponsible. I have current insurance, but the policy renewed this month, and I forgot all about getting the new card out of the giant, paper-wasting packet they set me two weeks before, an oversight I promptly rectified as soon as I got home.

And the inspection? Well, I had noticed it a week or so back, and it is on my to-do list, but not driving everyday just kind of makes you keep moving it down the list. Guess I will take care of that one today in the hopes that it, too, can be dismissed for a mere $10 fee.

This has been the year of the ticket for Daisy. This makes 3 in the past 6 months (none of them for speeding), after going 12 years without one. To add insult to injury, I've gotten all of them since moving into my new rental last summer, which is right across the street from work, so I drive about a tenth what I was used to driving in all the years previous. Apparently, I need constant practice, or my driving abilities completely atrophy...along with my bank account.