My book club met last Friday to discuss Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. The whole book is about two teenage girls with eating disorders, and while the writing was both technically and lyrically beautiful, parts of it were graphic enough to make a reader lose her appetite. Not a good thing for someone who regularly hears the phrases: "Girl, you're gonna waste away to nothing." and "You need to eat more."

Fortunately, the effects are fading, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my pancake brunch yesterday...even if it put me in a carb comma for part of the afternoon. You would think a coma like that would relax a Daisy, but apparently it was not enough to relax the knots in my back...which my Physical Therapist (or Pain Technologist, if you prefer) was able to quickly find and mash on enough so that I am still sore this morning. Thank goodness there is only one more day of torture before my European Extravaganza (for which I have yet to pack a single item).

On the relationship front: the roller coaster continues, but I least I have an amazing WM in the seat next to me. After helping with the laundry this weekend, I do find it rather amusing that someone who owns pair of bright red flannel boxers with large husky dogs on them feels he has a right to critique various items in my wardrobe. Do men ever throw out any old clothes on their own?

On the agenda for today:
1) Sit in my office and answer the same questions over and over again.
2) Spend my lunch hour finally taking care of my cell phone ticket.
3) Spend half an hour getting tortured by a sprightly Pain Technologist.
4) Dinner with the parents.
5) Pre-trip shopping errands.
6) More laundry. :(

2 days until summer.
There is a reason I am willing to work for peanuts. :)