Anyone who knows Daisy knows that she has a very special relationship with her Tivo, known affectionately as Truman. I am not exaggerating when I say that Truman is the most dependable man in my life: he is always thinking of me, he's available every Friday night, he is always entertaining, and I don't feel self-conscious hanging out with him when I haven't shaved my legs. Seriously. What more could girl ask for?

But now I'm beginning to suspect that Truman may be cheating on me.

When the WM first starting hanging out at my place, he wasn't sure he liked my TV setup. My current TV is a loaner from my parents, and it's an off brand that won't sync with Truman's remote, so the power and volume require a second remote. Then there was the Tivo learning curve: the Tivo button, the guide, and the ever-important fast forward. WM complained the channel changing was slow, he mocked Truman's noises, and he struggled with the timing when fast forwarding. Usually he would hand me the remote and let me do the driving.

A few weeks later, WM discovered the big yellow pause button, and his attitude toward Truman began to change. A 45 minute episode of Grey's Anatomy, now takes 2 1/2 hours to get through because WM likes to pause and deliver commentary (usually just to get a reaction out of me, which I hate to admit, usually makes watching the show more fun, unless I'm sleepy, and then it makes me crazy, which WM thinks is very amusing) or pause to tell me a story (WM has lots of stories) he was just reminded of by something one of the character's said. WM was definitely warming to Truman.

Then, one rainy day, WM spent the afternoon with Truman, and apparently they bonded. The next thing I know, I come home to discover 6 episodes of Shadow Force in the Now Playing list.

And last night? WM ran the remote, and even my two glasses of wine didn't keep me from noticing how he deftly skipped over the commercial breaks and hit play exactly when the show came back on 3 out of 4 times.

As long as Truman continues not to miss an episode of my shows, I guess I can share his attentions. But the minute 1000 Ways to Die preempts an episode of Bones...well, let's hope that just doesn't happen.