My forecast add-on for Firefox describes the current weather conditions as "Haze".

If I were to create an add-on for Firefox, I would call it Mood Ring, and it would take your emotional temperature and then direct you to sites appropriate for that mindset. And right now? My emotional state would register as Haze.

Went to dinner with the Mimes tonight. (Long story behind the whole Mime thing, but needless to say, we are a non-traditional group of mimes, in that we tend to talk for hours. Most of us are on the pale side, but that's pretty much where the similarity to your traditional "trapped in a box" mimes ends.) This was our first Mime Meeting since Christmas, and Mime 2 asked me why I hadn't updated the blog in over a week: "I was beginning to think I should call because you might be dead or something."

No, not dead, just in a haze I think, running on auto-pilot. Auto-pilot Daisy is not witty or funny or even mildly interesting. Auto-pilot Daisy reads 5 pages in her book and falls asleep on the couch a 7:00 on a Wednesday night. 7:00pm bedtimes do not a good post make.

Nor does post-midnight, post-cookie-high introspection.

But rest assured, Mime 2, I am alive and relatively well, and after I've had some sleep...there will be posting. Ridiculous amounts of posting. More posting than you can shake a stick at. (Whatever that means, since I'm not sure about the origin of particular colloquialism. Why a stick? And what is the shaking supposed to actually do? Will it chase the posts away, or just scare them into submission? And if the stick doesn't work, will the posts end up going to hell in a handbasket? Because that one confuses me too.)

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled. There are posts on the horizon.