I have 5 days left of work, and even that seems like way too much. I wake up and fight the urge to call in sick, and then I go spend a miserable day in a building that no one can seem to get the thermostat right in: my office is freezing, the hallway right outside is muggy, etc., etc. Everyone there has already pretty much mentally checked out; that or they are giant cranky SOBs.

And now I'm in the middle of Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, and I would much prefer staying home and finishing it because a) the writing is phenomenal and b) I'm completely caught up in the main character's head. May have to take Kipling (my Kindle) with me and read while I'm waiting on people to come check in their equipment. I can always tell my boss I'm experimenting since there's so much talk lately about Kindle's replacing textbooks. Hehe.

Besides, it will be a nice distraction from the asinine emails I've been getting lately:

I write: You must check in your laptops to my office so they may be secured during the summer.
I get a reply 6 minutes later: You mean I don't leave it docked on my desk?

Well, let's think about this. Did I say leave it docked on your desk? No. Can you physically leave it docked on your desk and still check it in to my office? No. Is it secure docked on your desk? No.

5 days. Just 5 more days.