The last couple of posts have mentioned the Winged Monkey (he actually prefers to be called the King of the Winged Monkeys, but that is just too long to type very frequently, and since he is the only winged monkey I talk about, his ego is just going to have to get over my abbreviation), so I figured I'd better give a little background for those uninitiated to the drama of my life that led me to declare 2009 drama-free, which, of course, has been a total failure, but which I still find a worthy goal.

The short story: The Winged Monkey used to work with me, and for many months we had a wonderful time doing our jobs better than most people ever believed possible. We make a great team, and we enjoy each other's company, and we usually get one another's jokes, and, consequently, we had a blast.

One day, I walked into my office (aka closet with windows) to find the W'Monkey in his usual spot on his computer. As per my habit, I was a little wound up (I get that way when I've got 50,000 things on my to-do list; o.k. fine, I'm that way with 3 things on my to-do list), so I proceeded to beg him to help me out on some computer thingy or other.

Now, the W'Monkey has this smirky thing he does when he has a little joke in his head, and that expression kinda crawled across his face, and he looked at me with those big brown W'Monkey eyes and said, very sweetly: "I don't know why you're begging me like that because you know I'm gonna do it. I'm like your winged monkey for cryin' out loud." (paraphrased)
Actual Winged Monkey is much taller and much less blue.

To which I smiled and laughed, until I realized that: "That would make me..."

Actual WWW is much cuter and, while pale, much less green.

He put one finger on his nose and pointed the other at me in that "on the nose" gesture, and he got that stupid w'monkey grin on his face. Shortly thereafter, he left the go and do my bidding. :)

Thus he was christened the Winged Monkey, and I became the Wicked Witch of the West, or WWW for short, and the rest is progress.

That was a year and a half ago. Winged Monkey doesn't work with me anymore, which has been a huge, and rather unpleasant, adjustment. But at least now, after much drama and a lot of time and a few virtual vacations, Winged Monkey and WWW are trying out this whole dating thing. And I have to tell you: dating someone you've known that long and that well but never dated? Is kinda weird, and kinda bumpy, and kinda great, all at the same time. Definitely not drama-free, but I am working on getting it down to at least drama-lite.

The rules change when you start dating someone you already know and really like because dating usually starts out with the whole "getting to know you" dates, and you've kinda already got all that info. So you have to skip a few steps, and that makes finding the right dating rhythm a little bit difficult, I think. The good part? You know this person is worth all the bumps and the missteps and the drama because unless the real Winged Monkey was abducted by aliens and this one is just a poor copy of a stand-in, you know him for the extraordinary Winged Monkey he is, and you like the fact that the WWW doesn't feel quite so wicked when she's around him, but actually feels...happy.

Sappy? Sure.

Hopeful? Always.

Delusional? Time will tell. ;)