This blog actually got its start as a series of emails written daily to one Winged Monkey well over a year ago. Being the morning person that I am, I'm usually up by 5:30 all on my own. Checking the email is one of the first tasks in my morning routine.

When WM worked with me, he usually came in a couple of hours after I did, and more often than not, I was out in the building somewhere when he arrived. So, I got in the habit of sending him an email everyday with kind of a to-do list of techie issues that had come up that I needed his help with. But it's rude to just greet someone with a "Here's the crap I need you for today," so I always tried to start off with some little tidbit or other. A story about my family, or something I had read online or watched on TV the night before, or some randomness my brain spit out that day.

After a while, the morning emails were more just about starting a conversation with him and less about work, and when he no longer worked there, the emails didn't least for a while.

Then there was a period of darkness in the land of Oz, when the WM and the WWW weren't really talking. Lots of drama. So even though I didn't really think I should send the emails, that didn't mean I didn't want to write them, so I my head.

Then the Diva stepped in with her bloggedy-bloggness and I got the idea that I could just blog what I would normally write the WM. It was a decent substitute, though not quite the same, and when the WM and I started talking again, he even started reading the blog, and he even made the comment one time about how it reminded him of his morning email.

So, this week, I was missing some of the banter that used to arise out of our old routine, so I thought I'd try to start it back up. One day. I made it one day, and then this morning--nothing. I couldn't think of anything witty or even interesting. Not for the WM's morning email or today's post.

I think the drugs have turned my brain to mush.t.