The thing about a girl's friends is that they have hear all the negative things she has ever thought about you in a fit of anger or saddness or confusion. They have listened to her bitch and cry and complain about you, and, if they are true friends. they have always taken her side, even if it switches from week to week.

A girl's friends take the brunt of the emotional deluge, so, in essence, they are your friends too because they keep you from having to deal with a lot of the emotional stuff that you, as a man, are genetically incapable of empathizing with, and, as a man, are usually annoyed with. Therefore, they are an essential part of your relationship, serving as te pressure release valve that keep a girl from flat out exploding everytime she gets frustrated with your maleness.

Trust me, gentlemen. You. Want. The. Girlfriends. Around.