There are some movies that, while they may never have been in the running for any Oscars, are good in that special way that makes it nearly impossible to change the channel when you stumble across them as you scroll through your Tivo guide. You know the ones I'm talking about: Sixteen Candles, Rudy, Princess Bride, American President, Field of Dreams, etc. Tonight's winner: Practical Magic on ABC Family.

Why, you may ask, is Practical Magic so irresistible? How could you not get drawn in? Witches & magic. Great soundtrack. Strong female characters with great female actresses to portray them. Aidan Quinn. Yep. You read it. Aidan Quinn. Speaking with some kind of whacked out southern accent that you can't help but chuckle a little bit over. How could you expect me to possibly miss a chance to watch Aidan be adorable? I mean look at him:

Adorable, I tell you. Not so hot he overwhelms you, but definitely easy to look at. And he always seems so...nice. We like nice guys, don't we? I mean, sure, the bad boys are alluring with all their drama, but there is something to be said for a guy that opens doors for you and brings you take out when you don't feel well and makes sure your feet are under the woobie when you are watching movies on the couch together.

There is something sexy about a thoughtful guy, and how much more thoughtful can you get than a detective who is willing to plant evidence to hide your possible involvement in the disappearance of a wanted criminal?

And he makes pancakes!

Need I say more?