One of the drawbacks to being in a lot of pain is that it's pretty difficult to sleep. That means that the sick day you take isn't spent snoozing on the couch, but rather watching an endless string of episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles online. One sick day and I am completely addicted to this show. And who wouldn't be? It's kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (strong female characters out to save the world) meets Battlestar Galactica (cyborgs out to take over said world) meets...Beverly Hills 90210?

O.K., so the last part has nothing to do with the style or the plot, but what do you expect me to say when 7 or 8 episodes in on walks Brian Austin Green? It took me a few minutes to place him because, while the voice is the same (even though, thankfully, it's not whining over Donna), Brian has definitely bulked up over the years. I don't mean fat, ladies, I mean broad-shouldered manliness.

It always kind of made me giggle when the younger Mr. Green tried to kiss anyone because, much like the young Leonardo DiCaprio, I always found him to weigh in on the scrawny side of the male category. Unlike poor Leo, though, Brian has managed to fill out quite nicely over the years.

Maybe it's the drugs, but I'm rather enjoying this new incarnation of the former heartthrob. At least, he was a cute distraction from an otherwise unenjoyable day.