One of the major benefits (or drawbacks, depending on your perspective) of working in education is that you can be a woman in your 30s and still get excited over the idea of school holidays. (You also end up reading the entire Twilight series just to see what all the girls are obsessed about. I have yet to decide if this falls in the benefit or drawback category.)

Big Sis just called me to cancel our plans to meet up today. She is also in education, and decided that on her day off she wanted to sleep in as long as Little Niece would allow and the spend the morning in their pajamas together. I am not one to argue to get anyone out of their pajamas, as I am so partial to my own.

So today that leaves me to my own devices, which usually means I stay in my pajamas, read a book, catch up on what Truman has recorded for me this week, and only eat food that can be delivered (not that the delivery part is much different than any other day). While I fully intend on probably meting all of those requirements of a school holiday, I also must venture out at some point to Target to buy Easter basket stuff for my nieces and nephews.

I was in Target the other day, and I should have bought the stuff then, but it's not like I mind going to Target multiple times a week (or a day for that matter). Besides, I wasn't sure if I'd be seeing all the nieces or nephews this weekend, so I was waiting to buy Easter goodies until I knew if they had to be mailable or not.

Now it has been decided that my mother and I, and possibly Big Sis (if she is feeling at all merciful towards me) will be spending half the day in the car tomorrow making a round trip to Austin and back to go see my new nephew. That means Easter baskets... and 6 1/2 hours in the car with my mother. 6 1/2 hours of questions about my life, especially about the Winged Monkey, and I am not ready/willing to answer any of those right now, as my mother tends to live on the melodramatic side, and I am currently occasionally residing on the plain ol' dramatic side (Winged Monkey would probably argue "frequently residing", so I'm gonna nip that comment in the bud), and I do not need her influence to push me further over the line of rationality.

So tomorrow should be fun. And nerve racking. And shoudl provide plenty of material for posts!