I am usually a fairly peppy Daisy. The majority of the time I am pretty outgoing, and I kind of bounce my way through the day at work. Even when I'm really busy and a bit overwhelmed, I usually still manage to whirlwind my way through the building, crossing off items on my to-do list, complaining with gusto.

Not so much this month.

I don't want to be a whiny Daisy, because no one likes a whiny Daisy, but I still feel like complete crap, and it is really beginning to wear on my nerves, and the wearing is making me tired, and being tired all the time is making me grumpy.

And the worst part? Grumpy Daisy is not a person I would like to revert to being. I was Grumpy Daisy already in this lifetime (Ask Daisy's Big Sis...she'll tell you), and I much prefer Happy Daisy. Happy Daisy has stuff to write about, observations to make, funnies to share. Happy Daisy gets up in the morning to go running...and enjoys it. She likes to be helpful at work, even if she has a million things to do.

Grumpy Daisy? She sits on the couch, zoning out so frequently that she has to rewind the same segment of Bones three times to get plot points, and even then she can't manage even a giggle for Boothe and Bones and their banter. Grumpy Daisy hides in her closet/office at work because the people annoy her and medicine she is taking for the pain in her grumpy lung is making her very sleepy.

Grumpy Daisy also gets snippy with her Winged Monkey when he is trying to make her laugh when she says she feels cruddy. And that after having a wonderful time with him for practically the whole weekend previous! What kind of crappy Daisy does that to a perfectly pleasant Winged Monkey who is just trying to cheer her grumpy ass up? (Not very Daisy-like if you ask me.)

Here's to hoping that Happy Daisy returns from hiatus very very soon, because Grumpy Daisy just doesn't do it for me.