There is this strange time in the morning--after the street lights go out, but before the sun wakes up-- when the light glows blue through the window shades and the world seems to be whispering and walking around on its tippy-toes. The chirping of the birds outside is a little muffled, and even the wind seems more subdued.

I think it's my favorite time of day.

Even as a kid I would wake up around 4 or 5 on a Saturday morning, and lie in bed and read for an hour or so before padding down the hallway to the den to watch the really early morning cartoons. (Gummi Bears usually kicked off the marathon--"bouncing here and there and everywhere; high adventure that's beyond compare"-- around 5:30 if I remember correctly.)

I'm not sure what the attraction to early morning is for me. I don't set alarms that early, but I never fail to wake up within a few minutes of 4:50. Most days I can go back to sleep, but some days, like today, I can feel a slow, steady current pulsing through me, just enough to make me feel...peacefully energetic. Mornings like this, it's hard to feel anxious or overwhelmed, and I wonder sometimes if this is what people seek through meditation or prayer: that feeling of being alive and connected and at ease.

Maybe I should go on Oprah and tell everyone that they can throw out their "vision boards" and their "affirmation workbooks" and just get in the habit of waking up really early on Saturday mornings, when they don't have to immediately jump in the shower and get ready for work or get the kids up and ready for their day. Maybe all they really need is an hour or so, in the pre-dawn light, alone with the universe and their thoughts...and possibly the animated version of a popular sugary treat.