Keira period costumes...unhappily married...for 2 1/2 hours. And then, the titles at the end come up to tell you that she died that way, but, gee, she was popular.

This was not a feel good movie. This was a "here's another example of how people can be super crappy to one another" movie.

I read an article about 2 months ago that said that romantic comedies were bad for people because they caused us to form an unrealistic image of love and relationships that no real life scenarios could ever live up to, leaving us perpetually disappointed in our real life relationships. The same article went on to say that some psychologists disagree, believing that these same movies weren't completely bad because single people who were lonely needed that false image to give them hope and keep them from spiraling into depression.

I now believe that single people who are lonely should just watch The Duchess. Then they will never want to get married, and they will be glad they are not bearing children they have to give away, and they will be relieved they do not have to give up their true love and yet still see him from time to time at parties.

Seriously. 2 1/2 hours of that and I think most single people will be quite content to be alone for a little longer just to avoid the tragedy. Even your hair, according to this film, which will catch on fire when you are dancing drunk because you are so completely miserable.
I happen to like my hair, so if my relationship with the Winged Monkey ever results in a fiery updo, you can be assured that that will be the end of it. I can stand a lot of nonsense, but no one should have a bowl of punch thrown on my hair and expect me to stick around for the pigeon dinner.

I'm just sayin'...