You know you are chemically dependent when you know exactly how long it will take your pain medication to fully kick in (42 minutes), and when your Winged Monkey says he likes you drugged up because you look all dreamy at him (or something like that that I can't remember exactly because I was, well, drugged up). I just like it because it lets me breathe normally without the urge to whimper.

I have developed a completely new understanding of House though. I've loved that show since it first came on, but now I'm thinking that when I go back to work tomorrow, I may just House it up a little and tell people what I really think and blame it on the drugs. Like Creepy Guy who keeps using my printer like a copier and prints 30 copies of 10 page reports when he thinks I'm not in there. I may just have to tell him what I really think of his balding smarmy ass. Or one of the many clueless teachers who send me emails with subjects like "HELP!!!!!!!!!MY COMPUTER DIED!", and then when I get there, I discover that the monitor is just turned off. I mean seriously: you have a Master's Degree and you didn't notice the power light on your monitor was turned off? I would have a few choice words for them as well.

Of course, unlike House, my drugs don't help me save lives by thinking outside the box. Mine mostly just make me really sleepy and I do pretty much everything in slow motion at the moment.

Which explains why this post has got to end now. This is the latest I've been awake in 5 days, and I passed tired about an hour back. :)